Saturday, May 10, 2008


(This is a monthly assignment where a change of words would have changed history.)

6th Army Headquarters

My Fuhrer,

The war goes well. As you predicted, the Russians have collapsed in Stalingrad and Stalin and his government have fled Moscow.

There has been very significant sacrifice on both sides. It is believed that there have been more than two million Russian casualties of which more that half were fatal. The whole city is in ruins and all industrial contribution to the Soviet war effort has ceased. Richtofen’s Stukas were particularly successful in destroying fortifications and morale. Their role in denying reinforcements to the besieged city was absolutely crucial.

One key element of the campaign was the assassination of Nikita Khrushchev by sniper fire in December. He was appointed by Stalin to oversee the resistance and had organized a bitter defense of the city. His death resulted in collapse of command in all areas despite the shooting of thousands of deserters. General Chuikov has been captured and is reluctantly revealing information vital to our future campaigns.

Napoleon would have been in awe of the speed of our advance and our ability to deal with the Russian winter. Casualties are fewer than seven hundred thousand. With the Russian resistance now destroyed we are able to rest and recover. Food is desperately short and looting by displaced peasants is rife. Thousands are shot every day and their horses and other possessions confiscated. Unmarked mass graves are covered when full as the army moves forward. These fertile landscapes will recover in the hands of hard working Arian settlers in due course.

It is with great regret that I am informed of Rommel’s defeat in Africa. He will be sorely missed as a competent Staff Officer. His inability to follow your orders at El Alamein is inexcusable, however, and shows a lack of faith in your military strategies. No doubt he can be replaced and the situation reversed.

It is now clear that delaying the invasion of Britain until the defeat of Russia was a masterstroke. The British will have no stomach for a fight by next autumn. The Americans are making more money dealing with us and will realize there is no future in propping up the tottering remains of a lost empire. As time goes on we will offer America a role in the new world order on our terms when they have accounted for the Japanese.

The Sonderkommando has followed our progress closely and has mopped up large numbers of suspects. Many have succumbed to starvation and exposure in the camps requiring all the able bodied to constantly concentrate on grave digging. The program is slow but methodical and extremely effective. The problem will be solved in every district as we advance. I am informed that a similar program is in full operation in Poland and all other captured territories. The twin scourges of communism and Judaism will be swept from the earth for all time.

Letters from my wife keep me informed about morale at home which is understandably at an all time high. Bombing of German cities has stopped since your discussions with Roosevelt and war production is above target levels. Increasing numbers of rockets are reported on British radio and will be having a devastating effect on British morale. The Irish have again played a pivotal role in American politics. While this is important short term it will not be wise to have pockets of potential discontent in the future.

As you predicted, ‘Barbarossa’ has been an outstanding success and the sacrifices made worthwhile. Heroes of the German people will be honored with appropriate burial in due course. Your judgment and foresight has again been totally vindicated. Please accept my deep and enduring gratitude for allowing me the privilege of serving my Fuhrer and the Fatherland as Field Marshall.

Heil Hitler!

Friedrich Paulus
Field Marshall

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